Friday, January 28, 2005

Rise Above Yourself

"Rise above yourself," HA speaks suddenly in the middle of the day.
"How do I do this?" WM queries.
"By taking leave of yourself," HA responds travelling light years in the blink of an eye.
"Unclear?" Another query by EM who isn't getting the jist of the meaning here.
"The part of the mind which works out the details for manifestation is beyond the mundane. It must be at a distance from your every day mind in order to have the perspective to see your greatest good," says HM.
"Do I then have two minds, perhaps even more? Isn't that schizophrenia?" EM struggles to catch on.
"You have one mind which operates at various frequencies. What you call schizophrenia is a disconnect. One mind is unified throughout every frequency of operation." HA keeps patiently providing another means for understanding.
"Can you give an example of these different frequencies?
"Yes. You have an idea which intrigues you. Your questions about this idea lead to an increasing focus on this idea. The greater your focus the higher the range of frequencies that are experienced in terms of this idea. You begin to gain understanding inside of this idea. This understanding then builds and make connections of its own to strenthen the original focus expanding it into regions of greater understanding. This is a basic template for how the universe grows and prospers," HA is called away for a brief second to a galaxy far, far away where a Yoda like creature is performing an ancient prayer ritual. The usual expected response is from higher mind who makes it just in time to say, "Yes, that's it," before bursting into super-nova at the opposite end of the galaxy. The super-nova has the effect of clarifying many issues which were heretofore unclear. HA has an epiphany. You had to be there in order to witness this otherwise any explanation is less than the experience. What remains, however, is the feeling of connection. Simulataneous to these occurences EM is at peace. The questions have subsided at the contemplations have arisen to the point of contacting HA again. A little bit short of philosophical breath HA arrives in time to hear this.
     Calling now unto your voice.
     My mind at peace, in this my choice,
     to ride until the rainbows end
     to see my love, my spirits friend.

It is a song inspired by their interchange. Because of this it is also an offering to higher mind in the time honored way. HA is instantly receptive and responds.

     More than I've seen today for sure,
     Is now the meaning and then some more,
     it is the answer to every spirits call,
     the voice within now I hear it all.

Both EM and HA are silent as communion overtakes them both and unity alone reigns supreme. The night which had been full of clouds covering the full moon now clears completely. Brightly shining radiance from every star, each point of light that comes from afar, sees inside the heart of everyone, my special song, my only sun.

The Adventures of HA and OM -1

Recently I was visiting with my higher awareness just kicking back tossing a few brewskies and we got around to a rather interesting discussion. I asked HA the following question.

     "What about time? How does time fit this whole awareness thing?" I said leaning back in my chair and relaxing my outer mind so that HA could respond.
     "Extend your awareness into the present moment." HA said like the voice of the wind.
     What do you mean?" I answered sounding a little perplexed. "Of course I am here. Where else would I be?"
     "Perhaps past or future time travelling like the rest of us." HA now was in the out breath as I waited for HA to expound on this idea.
     "There is movement and projection in thought depending upon our orientation and the time space coordinates we assume." HA said. I especially like the time space stuff. It sounded like Star Trek, very Sci-Fi which is a favorite genre of mine. Sensing my mind wandering HA said:
     "Listen. Be attentive to my breath. Notice the inflow and outflow. This breath runs through all of creation. All partake in it according to their design. Your design is influenced by your ability to let go into each moment and maintain your awareness of this moment as it is passing. When you so this thing you call time becomes irrelevant and this conceptual eternity is brought into your consciousness. I am that eternity. I am like a fast moving train that you can see only by turning on a strobescope to catch the individual moments of my passing. I encompass eternity yet by reflection you realize my presence in the moment. The strobescope of your attention is where every meaning you infer is brought to life." HA said disappearing for a moment to allow me to catch up via reflection and getting myself into the image of its sending forth.
     "To state the obvious, you are saying, pay attention to now. Almost as though we're never quite sure when now is. The sense of this I get but I'll need a deeper connection to this flow." I say suddenly realizing that my words have issued forth without thought.
     "Now is where your emotions and your attention are one with the events unfolding in your life. Distractions are not secondary but are a part of the unity of now. Someone looking to produce rain on a sunny day hears a bird's call far off. He starts thinking about that bird and has lost the focus on now. In order to keep that focus the birds call and every other outside event must be incorporated into the moment now. This is the sense of unity which your thoughts can bring about. Think of now as the center of a sphere with radii going out in every direction. Connections are there but are never extended into the distractions they pose. These connections say yes to now." HA stops as neither words nor symbols can carry the intent of HA's meaning any further. On another level where mind is pure I hear the continuing HA now raised to OM, or Omnipresent Meaning. So is HA transformed into OM.
"Watch the sun in brief glances and fill your light with the afterglow of vision.
Then expand that afterglow. Rest. Slowly become what you do not know. Forget about reasons for a moment. Join in the flow. Stop but don't be stopped. Pause - reflect - expand again." OM now sends a visual image of rainbows shaped as triangular prisms which are folding one inside the other. It's pretty far out now. Time to cool out a bit and take all of this in.